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e-chamber | La Petite (Box of 50)

EFFECTIVE DELIVERY: compact 220ml anti-static chamber and butterfly one-way valve.

USER FRIENDLY: Latex & BPA free, easy cleaning with removable end and universal 15-20mm mouthpiece for masks.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS: highly durable polypropylene plastic, entirely recyclable.

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The e-chamber La Petite is a spacer for ultra-effective delivery of medication suitable for all ages. The compact 220ml separable chamber is made from durable polypropylene plastic, which is entirely recyclable. This is also anti-static to ensure no medication adheres to the chamber, unlike alternatives.

To use, first attach your puffer to the universal MDI fitting. This is will hold in place with friction. Then place your lips around the mouthpiece or place the mask over your nose and mouth and press the puffer. Breath in and out normally through your mouth 4 times.

Between use, puffers can be stored inside the chamber by separating the chamber at the part line. When wanting to clean the La Petite, move the base and rinse through soapy warm water.