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e-chamber | Small Mask

Comfortable silicone face masks with anti-collapse support ridges to use with the e-chamber spacer range and portable nebuliser.

LATEX & BPA FREE: Suitable for people with latex and BPA intolerances/allergic reactions.

ANTI-COLLAPSABLE: The e-chamber Mask wont loose it's shape with anti-collapse support ridges. 

UNIVERSAL FIT: The mask can be fitted onto any of the e-chamber spacer range and portable nebuliser.

$ 9.95 AUD
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Use the e-chamber Mask to get a comfortable delivery of medication. The e-chamber Mask is suitable for people with allergies and intolerances to BPA and latex.

The support ridges on the mask offer superior strength against collapsing and warping over traditional BPA and latex masks.

To use, simply attach the mask at the mouthpiece of your e-chamber spacer or portable nebuliser. After use, rinse out with soap warm water.