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NuvoAir Re-Usable Turbine (Single)

Re-Usable FlowMIR Turbines are designed to be used with the AirNextSpirometer and SureGard Pink Filter.

100% ACCURATE: You don't need to worry about calibration, because these turbines are ready to go straight out of the packet

100% HYGIENIC: Straight out of the bag, your turbines are sterile without any need for antibacterial filters

RECYCLABLE: Ensure that your turbine isn't going to landfill

RRP: $ 79.00 AUD
$ 79.00 AUD
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SKU: NuvoAir Re-Usable Turbine (Single)
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These Re-Usable FlowMIR Turbines are designed to be used with the AirNext Spirometer, to ensure there is no cross-contamination between users.

These Re-Usable FlowMIR Turbines are made to be used with the AirNext Spirometer.
Don't stress about a costly reusable flowmeter, the Re-Usable FlowMIR Turbine comes pre-calibrated and sterile out of the box. This guarantees maximum accuracy and hygienic spirometry testing.
Remove the Re-Usable FlowMIR turbine from packaging and attach to the AirNext Spirometer one-side, SureGard Pink Filter on the other-side. 

The Re-Usable FlowMIR Turbines are NOT compatible with the AirMD application. Please use the ARIA application for iPhone or Android

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