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NuvoAir AirNext Spirometer

The world's smallest wireless spirometer

Measure your Lung Health in Seconds.

The AirNext Spirometer is the worlds smallest and first spirometer to connect to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly and measure your lung health in seconds, anytime, anywhere. The AirNext Spirometer utilises Low Energy Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and operates on two replaceable AAA batteries.

The AirNext Spirometer is the successor to the AirSmart Spirometer (discontinued)

$ 408.28 AUD
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SKU: BHC-AirSpiro
Ratings: 5.0
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Features Include:

  • Quality: AirNext Spirometer is a CE certified Class IIA Medical Device. Developed in accordance with quality standards.
  • Accuracy: AirNext is as accurate as a desktop spirometer. Share your results with one touch using the app.
  • Maintenance Free: With the hygienic and high precision disposable turbine, there is no need for calibration. 
  • Safety: Used by thousands of patients and physicians around the world with no adverse events. 

  • 6 February 2018 5.0 the air smart spirometer is incredible! my physician recommended this to me after i struggled getting accurate results using my peak flow. i asked him if he had something simpler and he showed me this. at first i was worried because i didn't know how to u - By Joshua

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