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Inofab Health | Spirohome Personal

Clinical accuracy, in your own home.
Take control of your respiratory condition at home with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Includes 1x Spirohome Clinic, 2x AA Batteries, 1x Spiroway Reusable Mouthpiece - Additional Spiroway Reusable Mouthpieces sold seperately

$ 625.00 AUD
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Quantify your lung health in seconds

Spirohome Personal is a spirometer designed for asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis patients to help quantify their lung health. Spirohome enables patients to monitor their disease to help avoid attacks and unnecessary hospital visits.

Bring clinical accuracy into your pocket

Patent-pending technology behind the personal spirometer uses ultrasonic flow sensing which is the most advanced technology for spirometer devices available in the market. Spirohome is as accurate as a spirometer you would see in a hospital, but has been compacted to fit into your pocket!

Spirohome Clinic Integration

You can choose to automatically send your results to your healthcare provider using the Spirohome Clinic platform for immediate and continuous updates to your doctor about your lung health trends.

Share your results with your physician

Patients can print out their spirometry reports, or share them with their physician through the app.

Perform a spirometry test at any time

With the Spirohome Personal mobile app, perform a spirometry test at any time! The app guides the patient to perform the test correctly and gives feedback on test performance, pointing out errors.

Track your progress with a user-friendly app

The Spirohome Personal mobile app helps patients to track their spirometry results over time. Trend data helps analyze the success of current treatment plans, and also acts as a tool for early detection of worsening lung conditions.

Get detailed insights on your spirometry results

After each test, view detailed spirometry reports along with flow/volume and volume time graphs.

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