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Tips & Tricks for our CPAP Range

ResMed AirMini

The smallest CPAP device in the world!
The quality of ResMed's latest mask products the 20 Series masks and AirFit P10 for AirMini
Premium carry bag and accessories for therapy on the go
AirMini app offers an intuitive and easy setup process
Waterless humidification for portable convenience

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Phillips DreamStation

The Philips DreamStation Auto is the most advanced and stunning CPAP automatic variable pressure machine Philips have ever made. This device comes with a built in wireless cellular modem and sim card and can be remotely monitored. The device also has Bluetooth connectivity and SD card storage. Download the "Dream Mapper" application for Android and apple devices to track your own progress.

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Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle

This new release is the ULTIMATE all rounder. Super quiet, it now has pressure relief to make it easier to exhale. The exclusive SenseAwake feature helps get rid of that 'bloating' feeling and means you'll never be conscious at high pressures. The machine has a built in modem which allows our clinicians to keep an eye on your therapy and the new Sleep Style application so you can see your results on your mobile phone.

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